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Great Options

  • Inclusive Education

    We are passionate about teaching children about the love of Jesus.  That means ALL children, including those who have unique gifts and needs. There is a sense of belonging for children of all abilities in ZCS classrooms!

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  • ‘Traditional’

    The core of every classroom is teaching kids to love God and to love others.  But there are many ways to do that! Check out the innovative and exciting ways we educate kids in our Non-Traditional 'Traditional' program.

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  • Preschool

    At Zeeland Christian Preschool, we embrace our call to teach three- to five-year-olds about the wonders of God's world!  Through active, play-based education, we introduce children to letters, numbers, science, art, technology and more!

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  • Spanish Immersion

    Every class is taught entirely in the Spanish language in Threeschool through 5th grade.  Yes, every class!

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  • Mandarin Immersion

    Learning a second language expands a student's ability to connect with more people in God's world. As Mandarin is the most widely-spoken language in the world, this is an incredible opportunity to be considered for your child!

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  • School/Home Collaborative

    3 days a week of professional instruction at ZCS + 2 days a week of homeschool = a complete educational experience!

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