“How did I end up here?”

Two years ago, in an attempt to run across the Grand Canyon (and back), I got a bit lost. After a side trip to a waterfall off the main trail, I couldn’t find my way back to the path. I didn’t realize I was lost until I was walking up on a ledge and the path suddenly ended, leaving me looking down at a large drop. I tried, unsuccessfully, not to panic. I had no idea if anyone was near, but I shouted out, “I could use a little help over here!” From only a few yards away someone said, “Hold on, we’re right over here.”  

I’ve felt lost several times in my adult life. I’ll stop, lift my head, look around, and think, “How did I end up here?” Whether because of a hidden habit, a difficult family issue, loneliness, anxiety, or something else, I imagine some of you are feeling lost. You feel trapped and overwhelmed, and you don’t know where to begin looking for help. I encourage you, today, to simply lift your voice and say, “I could use a little help over here.” You don’t need to know how to get better; you just need to be willing to ask for help. God provides, and His provision is often through the people around us.  

I thank God for the opportunity to live life with each of you in this community.  


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