Teacher Spotlight- Becky Schrotenboer


An Authentic Faith

Becky Schrotenboer, third-grade Spanish immersion teacher, knew she wanted to teach the Word of God to students during her freshman year of college. Fast forward to 2019, and Becky has been teaching at Zeeland Christian School (ZCS)  for 10 years. Each day she is able to laugh with and lead her students through the Word of God as they begin their journey with the Lord. Throughout her own faith journey, she has learned many lessons about finding God in every moment.


During her ten years, Becky has had experience teaching kindergarten, third grade, and preschool but third grade remains her favorite. She loves sharing the stories of God’s Word and enjoys teaching about the Bible character Joseph. Her students learn from Joseph that nothing is promised on this earth, however, God still does faithful work in our lives for the good of His kingdom. Being a teacher at ZCS for a decade, she has witnessed her students grow in many ways that continue to inspire her to this day. From watching a student hesitant to learn recognize their love for school to observing another speak up for others and refuse to tolerate unkindness or injustice on the playground and in the classroom, Becky has witnessed many instances of the magnitude of God’s love.


Fremont, MI is where Becky grew up and began her faith journey in a small country church. Her many relatives attended with her, singing along to hymns in praise of God. She recalls their faith as “authentic and simple”, inspiring her to begin her exploration of faith at the age of 15, the age when she accepted Jesus as Savior while attending Frontier Ranch Young Life Camp. After discovering that she would not be able to have biological children one year later, she experienced the Holy Spirit working within her life to build trust in God. Eventually, she accepted Him as her Lord at the age of 18. Becky enjoys passing down the lessons she has learned from her faith to her students. As they begin to learn about God and begin their own journeys, she strives to show them how although we are imperfect, we are a part of God’s perfect plan. And although there may be times of struggle, she wishes for them to lean on the Lord, and says “I want children to know that our good God is trustworthy, even in our saddest, darkest moments.”


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