What Are You Waiting For?

Recently on a morning run that turned into more of a walk, I found myself walking around the outside of our school. I said aloud, “Who should I pray for, Lord?” Very clearly He said, “Pray for those who are waiting.” I prayed for families waiting for medical treatments to bring results, wayward family members to come home (Please, Lord, bring them home), spouses to get the help he or she needs, money to come in, and relationships to be healed. 

Today, on a day when I don’t feel like I have any words to write, God spoke to me again, this time saying, “Encourage those who are waiting.” I feel compelled to remind someone reading this that all we know now is partial and incomplete, but someday we’ll know everything completely, just as God now knows us completely (I Corinthians 13:12).

My heart is heavy today for those who are waiting. Hold fast. You may be looking to the resolution, to the day you wait no more, but what God wants you to see might be right smack in the middle of this season. He’s in the waiting.


Tim McAboy

Head of School


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