ZCS 101 for 2019/20 New Families

We are here to help you!

We are so excited to welcome to the Zeeland Christian School Community! Here are some things you should know to help make your transition as smooth as possible.

For important information please visit the Parent section on zcs.org. You can find that on the top right of our home screen.

For General Questions

Call the front office at 616.772.2609

Email zcsinfo@zcs.org 

Text Dir. of Advancement, Peter Jenkins at 269.743.9019.

For finance, questions contact Mike Arendsen marendsen@zcs.org or Linda Keen lkeen@zcs.org.

Start of School


Young 5’s-8th-grade Meet-Your-Teacher will be held on August 21 from 4:00-6:00 PM. This is your opportunity to help your kids get past some of their back to school jitters! Bring them in to meet their teacher, find their locker, drop off school supplies and get familiar with their classroom!

School Supplies

School supply lists are found on the Parent Page on our website ZCS.org.

Parent Info Meetings

This night is for parents to come in and get important information from each of their children’s teachers. Teachers will go over the day to day routine of the classroom, the curriculum that will be covered, homework expectations, and volunteer opportunities. If you cannot make this meeting please contact your child’s teacher so that you don’t miss out on this important information!

Start of the Year Important Dates

Young 5’s and Kindergarten Parent meeting

August 19, 6 pm.


August 21, 4-6 PM

Young 5’s through 8th grade

Kindergarten and Y5 Bus Night

August 21, 7 pm.

Opening Convocation

August 26 at 9 AM We will kick off our school year by gathering together and praising God. Parents and Grandparents, please join us for this community event!

Meet-Your-Teacher – Preschool

August 27 & 28, 4:30-6 PM

Elementary meetings:

September 5 at 6:00 and 6:45 PM

Middle School Meetings:

September 10 at 6:00 and 6:45 PM

Daily Life


ZCS Google Calendar:  

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School times

Elementary Schedule:

8:40 prep bell

8:45 start of school

10:10-10:25 K-2 morning recess

10:25-10:40 3-5 morning recess

11:55 K-2 lunch (no bell)

12:00 3-5 lunch

12:20-12:45 K-5 lunch recess

1:55-2:10 K-2 afternoon recess

2:10-2:25 3-5 afternoon recess

3:17 prep bell

3:22 bus dismissal

3:30 walker dismissal

Middle School Schedule:

7:35 start of school

9:45-9:55 T/Th morning recess

10:00-10:10 M/W/F morning recess

11:15-11:25 T/Th lunch 

11:25-11:45 T/Th recess

11:40-11:50 M/W/F lunch

11:50-12:10 M/W/F recess

2:25 bus and walker dismissal

Building Security

All doors will be open for arrival and dismissal. During school times all doors will be locked. To enter school you will need to enter through the main doors and be buzzed in by the office staff.


Transportation is available for students in the Zeeland Public School boundaries. Busing is available on days when ZPS is in session.  More information may be found at http://www.zps.org/files/2018/03/2018-2019-ZPS-Transportation-Form-1.pdf

Drop Off/Pick Up

See this map for drop off locations, please use the designated drop off lanes. Or park in one of the designated parking lots to walk your child in.

The driveway along the front of the school is for buses only.

Remember that the drop-off zone is for dropping-off only. Please do not park in the drop-off zone.

Children who do not ride the bus will be dismissed after the buses have left the premises.

You may have them meet their ride at a designated carpool lane or they may be picked up from their classroom. Before the walker bell students may be picked up by their parents or an authorized person of high school age or older. Students may not be picked up before the walker bell by middle schoolers.


Whenever your child will be absent or late to school please notify the school office by emailing attendance@zcs.org or leaving a message on the attendance line 616-741-0051. When leaving a message please list your child’s name, grade, and teacher.  

Signing In and Out

Students who arrive at school late or need to leave school early must sign in and out in the main office. Students need to list the date, name, time in/out and the reason for arriving late/leaving school.

Delays and Cancellations:

We follow Zeeland Public Schools for delays and cancellations. To find out if there is a closing or delay check your email, the ZCS Facebook page, our website or the local news stations.

Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch is provided by ZPS when ZPS is in session. Hot Lunch for the school year will begin on September 4.  Days when ZPS does not have school or has a ½ day of school, hot lunch is not provided. Students order Hot Lunch daily. There are two options each day.  If a student forgets to order lunch they will need to have lunch brought to them, ZPS does not send extra lunches.


Adding Funds:

Funds may be added to your students account via cash or check using a hot lunch envelope found in the office.  

You may add funds to your student’s account online. You will need to know your student’s id# (call the office for this #). There is a service charge to add funds online.

Apply for Free/Reduced Lunch

Blue Note

The Blue Note a weekly newsletter sent by email on Wednesdays throughout the school year. This is our way of keeping you up to date on what is going on at ZCS. The Blue Note and Blue Note archives can also be found here.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal/Report Cards

To access your student’s grades you must have a login to Infinite Campus Parent Portal. If you do not have a login please complete the acceptable use policy, and return it to the ZCS office where you will receive your login credentials.


We offer band for 5th-8th-grade students. We divide them into 2 groups: 5th/6th-grade band and 7th/8th-grade band. The 5th-grade students will need to come in before school on various days depending on the instrument they play.

Band and Choir concerts will be scheduled throughout the school year.

The 7th/8th-grade band will march in the Pumpkin Parade, 2 Tulip Time parades and the Memorial Day parade.

The 5th/6th-grade band will march in the Memorial Day parade.

Middle school students will choose between band, choir, or Music & Design in Culture 

Extended Care

We offer before and after school care for Preschool through 5th grade. Click here for more info https://www.zcs.org/extendedcare/.

Parent involvement

We love to have families involved during the school day! Parents will have the opportunity to sign up to volunteer in the classroom and drive for field trips. We do understand that this is not always possible, so please know that this is optional and not required!

Field Trip Drivers

Parents who volunteer to drive for field trips need to bring a copy of their driver’s license and insurance to the office before the event.

Parent Points

To help reduce tuition ZCS uses a system called “parent points.” You can either choose to pay a fee of $250 (this was on your continuous enrollment form) or you can sign up to volunteer earning a total of 10 points per year.

Families with students in 1st-8th grade (ZPS) or 1st-12th (HCHS) are required to work 10 points per family per year at one of these fundraisers or pay a fee of $250.

New kindergarten families, single-parent families and families with special needs students are required to work 5 points per family per year at one of these fundraisers or pay a fee of $125.

For more information read here or contact Jen SchaferT.R.I.P.
TRIP is a program that allows families to buy gift cards for goods and services in this community and then have a percentage of that purchase go directly into their tuition account. We are currently working on changing the way that you enroll in T.R.I.P. please stay tuned!

More questions read more here or contact Deb VandenHuevel


Technology is an important part of learning, expanding the classroom beyond traditional limits of time and space. Learn more about our technology program here.

ZCS Life


Chapel is one of our favorite times at ZCS. We love to have our community together to worship our Lord and Savior! Throughout the year all-school chapel dates and times will be announced in the Blue Note. We would love to see you there!

Family groups

An integral part of building community at Zeeland Christian School is being part of a Family Group.  Students are all assigned a Family Group in First Grade. They stay with their Family Group all the way through ZCS.  Each Family Group has 2-3 students from every grade level. The older students are responsible for the younger students.

Together, they study the Bible, they work on service projects and sometimes, they just hang out and have fun! The Zeeland Christian community is stronger because of these multi-age relationships and the mentoring that takes place within the Family Groups.

Small Groups

Every middle schooler is placed in a small group where they will have a bible study and discussion time with a group of their peers. Small groups meet regularly throughout the year.

Moms in Prayer

A weekly time of prayer, led by an organization called Moms in Prayer where moms can pray over their children and the staff surrounding them.

Meeting times and Places: ZCS Prayer Room
Thursday 2:15-3:15

Haven CRC
Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 am or 8:45-9:45 am

Please contact Ann Hemmeke for more information

Middle School Camps

Zeeland Christian Middle School is extremely intentional. Over the years, the Middle School staff has developed a series of experiences that help students grow into leaders and mentors for the rest of the school. A key part of this development is the Middle School camps. Each year, the students attend 1-2 camps that are specially designed to move them forward in their personal and communal development.

Grandparent’s/Grandfriend’s day

Grandparent’s day is scheduled for the first Friday in November. Grandparents and friends come to a special chapel, visit classrooms of their students and have lunch together.

Grandparent’s/Grandfriend’s day is a big deal at ZCS, so if a Grandparent is not available you are welcome to invite a Grandfriend.  

Important Links