Peters Family


"Mom, I think I might actually LIKE School."

When the school year first started our kids clearly noticed the differences between their old school and ZCS. They now read their Bibles on their own, offer to pray at dinner, and are asking so many deeper questions about faith and what they're learning about the Bible.

It's been a huge relief watching our daughter find her place. There was a long period of transition since she had a hard time making friends. Now, she comes home talking about friends from school and the fun she had.

Our son is a social kid and didn't struggle socially, but with him, it's been huge to hear him say things like, "Mom, I think I might actually *like* school."

We are thankful for this opportunity and especially for the support we've received not just financially to make this even possible, but also in terms of connection and intentionality from the teachers and staff.


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