Tuition Assistance Threshold Lowered

God has done amazing things to make ZCS an option for many families who struggle to afford the tuition.

泽兰基督教学校 – Escuela Cristiana de Zeeland – Zeeland Christian School is the only threeschool – 8th-grade school in the Midwest where your child can learn in a Christ-centered and tri-lingual environment where all abilities are welcome and celebrated. It’s what’s best for kids – and that’s what we’re all about.

We are so excited to announce that the threshold for families to be eligible to receive Tuition Assistance funds is being lowered starting in the 2021-22 school year! At ZCS the goal is for a family not to pay more than 15% (down from 18%) of their income in tuition for their children to attend school each year.

Sometimes a combination of extended family support and church support can help families afford tuition payments. Other times, our school can help. Tuition assistance is offered for families with children in Kindergarten thru 8th grade, up to 50% of a family’s tuition cost. If a family also has a preschooler, that tuition number is also taken into account when awarding assistance. 

Zeeland Christian School’s need-based tuition grant program is administered by FACTS Management, Inc. There is a $30 fee to apply for assistance. Awards are made based upon funds available.  However, over the last few years, our families and donors have worked hard to be able to offer 100% of the assistance for which families qualify, up to 50% of tuition costs. 

Curious if your family qualifies for Tuition Assistance? Use the following formula to find out. 

The qualifying formula for tuition assistance is (Example):

Step 1: Determine your family’s Adjusted Gross Income ($65,000)

Step 2: Calculate: 15% x Adjusted Gross Income = B (.15 x 65000 = $9,750)

Step 3: Identify your family’s tuition for the upcoming year (2 students at $13,784)

Step 4: Calculate: your family’s total tuition – B = T.A. amount your family qualifies for, maxes out at 50% of total tuition ($13,784 – $9,750 = $4,034)

Step 5: Total tuition – T.A. amount from step four = amount family should expect to contribute ($13,784 – $4,034 = $9,750 or $813/mo.)

*NEW* for 2021-22 is the THRIVE fund. THRIVE is available for qualifying families who need assistance beyond what the “normal” formula offers.

Please contact Nakisha DeJong to discuss your situation and get the link to apply for assistance. 

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